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About Euro Bios Corporation

Under the brand name of Euro –Bios Corporation we are serving the animal feed industry with a range of additives, antimicrobials, liver and kidney tonics, mycotoxin binders, acidifiers, milk replacers and growth enhancers.

Euro –Bios Corporation products are manufactured in EU GMP Plus licensed facilities, using modern automated equipment, comprehensive track and trace systems, feed safety programs and NIR analysis at each bunker filling point. We fully comply with the highest quality assurance standards for animal feed production.
The entire staff involved is focused on quality, with on-going training programs to continuously maintain and further develop this aspect.

Only premium-grade ingredients are included in our Euro –Bios Corporation products. These are sourced solely in Western Europe from carefully selected preferred suppliers of raw materials. The whole chain is GMP certified, from raw material up to finished product.
As will be evident Quality is the secret of our success!

We have developed a range of Euro –Bios Corporation feed additives with balanced compositions for a wide range of indications at all stages of animal production. Supported by our team of nutritionists, we are also able to supply you with that specific feed additives tailored to meet the nutritional needs of your animals.